Student Support

NMC provide both academic support and personal support. You will be made aware of all the support available during the Induction / Orientation Program for new students.

Whilst all staff employed by NMC has the responsibility to provide support to all students, NMC has nominated Student Support Officers for the student welfare who shall be available to all students, on an appointment basis, through the standard NMC’s hours of business. Student can access the Student Support Officer directly or via our Administration Department and an appointment will be organized as soon as practical.

Our Student Support Officers are:


Ph: 03 9329 8889 ; 03 9329 8860
Email : 

You will be provided with a range of learning support options and resources to help you achieve competency. This may include:

  • Mentoring from appropriately qualified trainers/facilitators including their phone and email contact details.
  • Classes, tutorials and workshops – these may be optional depending on your course of study.
  • Computer and technology support.
  • Referral to external support services
  • Access to Special Needs, Disability support
  • LLN support
  • Any other issues that may affect your ability to achieve your training goals
Academic issues

Students may have concerns with their academic performance or other related issues that are placing them at risk of not achieving the requirements of their course. Students are able to gain advice and support in ensuring they maintain appropriate academic levels, and general support to ensure they achieve satisfactory results in their studies.

All students’ academic progress is monitored and guidance and support provided where non satisfactory results are identified. Student can access the Student Support Officer, Trainers/Assessors or Training & Compliance Administrator for all the relevant queries. These staff will provide advice and guidance or referral when required.

A student is able to access the Student Support Officers to discuss any academic, or other related issues to studying at NMC at any time. The Student Support Officers will be able to provide advice and guidance, or referral, where required.

Where the issues are identified of serious nature which are affecting student study and stay in Australia such as but not limited to:

  • Depression;
  • Mental Stress;
  • Personal issue;
  • any traumatic event occurred with them or they faced that is affecting them

It will be referred to an external professional counseling service.  

Job support

We counsel the student with Career Development and Planning for each course the College deliver. It covers resume preparation, application letter guidance, interview techniques, job hunting strategies and planning for ongoing career development. The College routinely receives few positions for graduates from the connected employers of the College.

Social Programs

Apart from the Student Orientation/Induction Program the Student Support Officer will occasionally organise social events that allow all students enrolled with NMC to mingle and socialise. These events may range from cultural and sightseeing events, to dinners, excursions and sporting events. They will be organised as demand requires and any suggestions can be forwarded to the Student Support Officer.Accommodation:

While NMC does not offer accommodation services or take any responsibility for accommodation arrangements, NMC is able to refer students to appropriate accommodation services and are always available to discuss any issues or concerns a student may have with their accommodation arrangements.

All students are encouraged to have accommodation organised prior to arrival in Australia but the Student Support Officer can refer students to appropriate accommodation services.

Referral Services AvailableName & LocationContact Phone
Student Accommodation ServiceBarry Long West Melbourne Properties 121 Ireland St West Melbourne Vic 3003Mob: 0408 102 635 Email:
Real Estate AgentRichard A.Simpson, 30 Errol Street | North Melbourne Vic 3051(w) 9328 1213 | (f) 9329 9030 | (m) 0402 223 027
HotelQuest on Williams, 170 William Street, Melbourne9605 2222
Home stay OrganisationHomestay Direct Pty / 0396703133
HostelKing Street Backpackers, 197 King Street, Melbourne1800 671 115
Medical Issues

The Administration Officer and Student Support Officers of NMC will always have an up to date list of medical professionals within access from the College location and any student with medical concerns should inform the Student Support Officers who will assist them in finding an appropriate medical professional.

Local medical services are as follows:

Referral Services AvailableName & LocationContact Phone
Hospital (Emergency)St Vincent Hospital, PO Box 2900, Fitzroy, VIC 
The Royal Melbourne Hospital: 
The Royal Children’s Hospital: 
Epworth 24 hour Emergency Department (Private): Cabrini Hospital Emergency Department (Private): 
Knox Private Hospital Emergency Department (Private):
9288 2211
9342 7000
9345 5522
9210 7400
DoctorMid town Medical clinic level 4, 234 – 250 Collins Street, Melbourne9650 4284
DentistSmile Solutions, 220 Collins Street, Melbourne9650 4920
OptometristSpatial Vision, Level 2, 170 Queen Street, Melbourne9691 3000

The emergency phone number for an ambulance in Australia is ‘000’. (This number should only be dialled in an emergency when the student requires ambulance, police, or fire attendance.)

Legal Services

NMC is able to provide some advice and guidance on a limited range of situations. Where the Student Support Officer feels it appropriate for you to gain professional legal advice they will refer you to an appropriate legal professional.

Referral Services AvailableName & LocationContact Phone
Free legal adviceFitzroy Legal Service, 124 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, VIC

Springvale Legal Service, 5 Osborne Avenue, Springvale, VIC
9419 3744 

9562 3144
LawyerAdvice Line Lawyers, 350 William Street, Melbourne9321 9988

For more information, you may access the Special Needs, Disability Policy and Procedure as well as the Student Support Services Policy and Procedure at NMC Administration Office or email