Student Support

NMC provide both academic support and personal support. You will be made aware of all the support available during the Induction Program for new students.

You will be provided with a range of learning support options and resources to help you achieve competency.  This may include:

  • Mentoring from appropriately qualified trainers/facilitators including their phone and email contact details.
  • Classes, tutorials and workshops – these may be optional depending on your course of study.
  • Computer and technology support.
  • Referral to external support services
  • Access to Special Needs, Disability support
  • LLN support
  • Any other issues that may affect your ability to achieve your training goals

For more information, you may access the Special Needs, Disability Policy and Procedure as well as the Student Support Services Policy and Procedure at NMC Administration Office.

The assigned Student Support Officers are:

  • Vivek Sharda (able to speak Punjabi, Hindi)                  Admin Officer
  • Paul Piperno (able to speak Italian)                               Senior Trainer
  • Rajesh Sharma (able to speak Hindi)                           RTO Manager

Ph: (03) 9329 8860              Email:

The Student Support Counseling program provides:

  • Somewhere to talk about problems ranging from everyday hassles, to those that are seriously affecting a student’s ability to function
  • A safe place to let off steam
  • An opportunity to generate solutions to problems

If you are experiencing any of the following, we suggest you make a time to speak with one of our Student Support Officers:

  • Thoughts of quitting study
  • Physical signs of emotional stress
  • Problems sleeping – either not being able to sleep or having too much sleep
  • Lack of concentration in study or completing normal day-to-day activities
  • Feeling sad and unable to function properly
  • Thoughts about self-harm

Some of the issues that students typically seek counselling about include:

  • Adjustment issues
  • Alcohol / drug abuse
  • Stress / Anxiety / depression
  • Victim of assault
  • Family issues
  • Grief and loss
  • Victim of harassment – either at the College, workplace or in your home
  • Victim of abuse – psychological, physical, sexual
  • Procrastination
  • Self-esteem
  • Sex and sexuality 
  • Study problems

Talking with someone who is not so close to the situation may help you to:

  • See it more clearly
  • Understand their feelings about it
  • Discover solutions

A counsellor will help by listening without judgment, offering new perspectives and working with you on strategies that are right for you. All counselling services are strictly confidential between the counsellor and you. No one else needs to know that you are seeking these services.

Student Support Services Staff

At NMC all academic and non-academic staff act as student support officer in their areas of expertise. However, NMC will also have at least one dedicated Student Support Officer on campus all the time to assist our students. NMC will ensure that the number of student support staff are proportionate to the number of student enrolment. NMC will review the adequacy of Student Support Officer numbers at the beginning of each term to ensure that they are able to identify if additional dedicated student support staff are needed to be recruited to service the students.

Student Administration officer:

Responsible for all admissions and enrolment related issues specific course related queries.

Student Support Officers:

Provide academic and non-academic counselling to Students and handle course related queries including information and advice on safety, legal Rights, workplace Rights, Health & Welfare Issues and Mental Health Support, referral to external medical professionals and specialists.

Floor Warden

Responsible for providing instruction for evacuation in case if fire

First Aid Officer:

Responsible for rendering first aid in case of emergency

Trainers and Assessors:

Responsible for all specific course related queries and assessment issues and course counselling.


Our reception is open to assist Students from 8.00am to 5:30pm Monday to Sunday

The table below outlines the list of staff to provide student support service. This list will be update on regular basis for currency.

Support Area Position/Role Phone Number
Afterhours emergency Critical Incident CEO
RTO Manager
0426 213 100
Admissions and Enrolment
Overseas Student Health Cover
Visa Issues
Change of Address
Record of Results and Statements of Attainment Graduation
Student Administration Officer
Marketing Officer
(03) 9329 8860
Academic Issues
Academic Intervention
Classroom Issues
Credit Transfer/ Recognition of Prior Learning
Work placement Issues
RTO Manager
Training Coordinator
(03) 9329 8860
Airport Pickup
Accommodation Issues
Bank Account Assistance
Career/Job Counselling
Access to Policies and Procedures
Complaints and Appeals Deferment
Suspension or Cancellation Applications
Transfer of College
Change of course
Refund Applications
Change of Address
Cultural Adjustment
English Language Support
Finance/Fees Issues
Settlement Issues
Privacy matters
Critical Incident
Extra-curricular activities
Any other matters
RTO Manager
Student Administration Officer
Student Support Officer  
(03) 9329 8860
Safety Advice
Legal Rights
Workplace Rights
Health & Welfare Issues
Mental Health Support
Referral to external medical professionals and specialists
Welfare Officer (03) 9329 8860
Personal Files and Documentation
Student ID Cards/SMS Login
Fees payment
RTO Manager
Training Coordinator
Student Administration Officer
(03) 9329 8860
Emergency Fire Evacuation Designated Fire Warden (03) 9329 8860
First Aid (First aid box is located in Student Admin Office) First Aid Officer (onsite) (03) 9329 8860

You will be provided with a range of learning support options and resources to help you achieve competency. This may include:

Personal / Social Issues

To assist any NMC student who require or request additional support on a range of issues from academic to personal, the College can also refer you to internal or external counselling service.  The details are as follows:

Monica Sharma
Internal Counsellor
North Melbourne College
84 Buckley Street, Footscray, VIC 3011
Phone: 03 9329 8860

Alina Urbanczyk
Development & Programs Manager
Australian Multicultural Community Services
Suite111, 44-56 Hampstead Rd, Maidstone, Victoria 3012
Phone (03) 9653 3250, (03) 9412 6133

Dr. Maria Rani
Dasari Counsellor and Therapist
Level 2 Counselling Room
380 Burke Street, Melbourne 3000 Victoria

Dr. Lata Satyen
Lecturer Schools of Psychology
Faculty of Health, Deakin University
Locked Bag 20000, Geelong Victoria 32220

This service provides professional counselling for a range of personal, family and work-related issues as well as mental health issues; psychological and personality assessment; training in time and stress management, assertiveness, conflict resolution, effective communication, interpersonal skills and relationship skills and emotional management.

Academic issues

If you have any concern with your academic performance or other related issues that may place you at a risk of not achieving the requirements of the course, the first thing to do is to speak with your Trainers. You will be given advice and support so you will be able to maintain appropriate academic levels. 

Your academic progress is monitored and guidance and support provided where non satisfactory results are identified. The abovementioned Student Support Officers are available to take your queries and provide referral when required.


While NMC does not offer accommodation services or take any responsibility for accommodation arrangements, NMC is able to refer students to appropriate accommodation services.

Referral Services Available Name & Location Contact Phone
Student Accommodation Service Barry Long West Melbourne Properties 121 Ireland St West Melbourne Vic 3003 Mob: 0408 102 635 Email:
Real Estate Agent Richard A.Simpson 30 Errol Street North Melbourne Vic 3051 (w) 9328 1213 (f) 9329 9030 (m) 0402 223 027 Email:
Hotel Quest on Williams 70 William Street, Melbourne 9605 2222
Home stay Organisation Homestay Direct Pty Ltd  0396703133
Hostel King Street Backpackers, 197 King Street, Melbourne 1800 671 115

Medical Issues

The Administration Department and Student Support Officer at NMC will always have an up to date list of medical professionals accessible from the College location. If you have medical concerns, please inform the Student Support Officer who will assist you in finding an appropriate medical professional.

Below are some list of medical services:

Referral Services Available Name & Location Contact Phone
Hospital (Emergency) St Vincent Hospital
PO Box 2900, Fitzroy, VIC
The Royal Melbourne Hospital
The Royal Children’s Hospital
Epworth 24 hour Emergency Department (Private)
Cabrini Hospital Emergency Department (Private)
Knox Private Hospital Emergency Department (Private)
03-9288 2211

03-9342 7000
03-9345 5522
03-9426 6303
03-9508 1500
03-9210 7400
Doctor Mid town Medical clinic level 4,  234 – 250 Collins Street, Melbourne 03-9650 4284
Dentist Smile Solutions, 220 Collins Street, Melbourne 03-9650 4920
Optometrist Spatial Vision, Level 2, 170 Queen Street, Melbourne 03-9691 3000

The emergency phone number for an ambulance in Australia is ‘000’. (This number should only be dialed in an emergency when the student requires ambulance, police, or fire attendance.)

Legal Services

NMC provides some advice and guidance on a limited range of situations. Where the Student Support Officer feels it appropriate for you to gain professional legal advice they will refer you to an appropriate legal professional.

Referral Services Available Name & Location Contact Phone
Free legal advice Fitzroy Legal Service, 124 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, VIC

Springvale Legal Service,
5 Osborne Avenue, Springvale, VIC
9419 3744

9562 3144
International Student Legal Advice Clinic (ISLAC) Ms Sanmati Verma or 0410 923 041.
Lawyer Advice Line Lawyers, 350 William Street, Melbourne 9321 9988

For more information on the external counselling service and how to access this, please speak with of the Support Officers mentioned above.

Legal Aid Commission

It offers a free legal telephone advice service and can assist with applications for legal assistance. Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) helps people with their legal problems, including helping and protecting the rights of socially and economically disadvantaged Victorians. VLA can help students with in areas of criminal law, family law and some civil law matters.

If ongoing help is required from a lawyer, VLA may be able to help fund the case, by giving grants of legal assistance to people who can’t afford a lawyer. A grant of legal assistance is money used to pay a Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) or private lawyer, who can:

  • provide legal advice
  • prepare legal documents
  • help reach a legal agreement
  • speak in court

Please visit for more information or phone on (03) 9269 0120 or 1800 677 402 (country callers).


Our Induction/Orientation program is conducted prior to the commencement of the student’s course.  Its purpose is to inform new students about studying at NMC and about living, studying and working in Australia. This Student Information Handbook will be given to each student as part of the Induction/Orientation Program and used as the major source of information. The Induction/Orientation program will cover:

  • Introduction to NMC and its staff
  • Information about the course to be delivered
  • Training and Assessment procedures
  • Student Administration requirements
  • Student Support Services and Campus Resources
  • A tour of NMC and its facilities