August 21, 2020

Student Visa Obligations

International Students wanting to get admission at NMC is required to provide a student visa. Students must be aware of the following student visa requirements:

  • Students must study a full-time course which is a minimum of 20 contact hours per week.
  • Students must provide current and accurate contact details to the college. If contact details change, students are required to give a change of details form to the college within 5 working days.
  • Students who obtain work rights on their visa are able to work up to 40 hours per fortnight while the course is in session.
  • School-aged dependents accompanying you to Australia are required to pay full fees if they are enrolled in either in a government or non-government school.

Detailed information about visa conditions can be accessed through visit

Academic Course Progress

It is a visa requirement that as a student you must make satisfactory academic progress in your course.

NMC has chosen to implement the Course Progress Policy & Procedure.  We do not report students based on their attendance in class, however there is a definite link between attendance and success in studies, therefore we encourage all our students to attend their classes in order to understand the requirements for assessments and to gain the trainer’s assistance to complete all assessment requirements.

The study period for all qualifications conducted by NMC for International Students is equal to a term.

To achieve satisfactory course progress, students must be deemed competent in 50% or more of the course requirements (Units of competency) attempted within each study period.

“Unsatisfactory course progress” is defined as the student not achieving competence in 50% or more of the course requirements (Units of Competency) expected to be completed during the defined study period.

A student who does not achieve 50% or more of the course requirements (Units of Competency) for two consecutive study period shall be considered in breach of this academic progress requirement.

At NMC, students’ performance will be monitored each study period. At the end of each study period, students who do not achieve satisfactory performance levels (defined as a pass rate of 50%) will be sent a warning letter in accordance with our policy. An intervention strategy will be developed appropriately in accordance with student individual status.

If a student’s performance does not reach satisfactory levels over the course of the next study period, NMC is required to report the student to DIBP, which may result in the cancellation of their student visa.

Students can access records of their course progress, and obtain a copy of the relevant NMC policy from our website and upon request from Administration Department.

Attendance Progress

Overseas student enrolled in NMC courses must maintain a minimum attendance rate of 80 per cent for each study period in which they are enrolled. NMC maintains a policy of monitoring attendance of each student in one study period. Student MUST maintain their 80 per cent attendance in their respected enrolled course. Under NMC attendance monitoring policy, student must attend 20 hours per week for their scheduled classes.

Health Cover

All international students are required to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Students are required to pay for this cover prior to arriving in Australia. Students are covered by the OSHC from the day they arrive in Australia until the end date of their visa.

NMC can assist in organizing the cover through Medibank.

Change Of Address/Contact Details

It is a requirement for all holders of a student visa to maintain up-to-date records with NMC of their personal contact details, including their residential addresses, telephone numbers, and personal email addresses.  You can complete a Change of Details form at Reception or download from NMC website In the event of a change in personal contact details we request that we be notified of changes within seven days of their occurrence, to ensure you will receive important information about your course, fees and any issues that may impact on your student visa.